Consilium project is a Grundvig Partnership project under the Lifelong Learning Programme whose the aim is develop new adult training skills and opportunities in the field of Intergenerational Mentoring. It is developped by 5 partners countries :

  • United-Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Bulgary
  • Italy
  • Spain

Grundtvig’s range of adult education opportunities are not about work related skills and qualifications. They are about learning for living and enjoyment; the kinds of learning that often go unrecognised 



The Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) provides opportunities for organisations, staff and learners involved in education and training across Europe to work together, learn from each others’ expertise, and widen their experience of other cultures and languages. 

Grundtvig Partnerships offer a unique opportunity to work with other European adult education organisations on a theme that’s important to you and your learners, Share knowledge and improve adult education provisions 

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